Masonry boiler with thermoelectric heat exchanger and control system

National Association for Environmental Education Network (Környezeti Nevelési Hálózat Országos Egyesület)

Dr. Béla Munkácsy, Péter Szalai
Posted on 5 May 2011


Thermoelectric power generation with masonry heaters for self-powering pumps and other off-grid purpose.
In the Nordic countries is widespread masonry heaters are not always beneficial properties of separated buildings prevail, therefore, developed a special heat exchanger and thermoelectric modules to a system that allows the masonry heater built a house from the existing central heating system, a minimum building tools securely connect to the extremely high efficiency and low emissions while maintaining values.


The traditional role of the wetland buffer storage masonry heater just so he can fully take over if the build material is heated in proper operating temperature. However, conventional water heat exchangers are used it is not feasible. Metal plate heat exchangers constitute a solution to this problem. With its sizing and placing masonry heater stored heat efficiently and safely, benefit from more distant places. Heat exchangers specifically thermoelectric blocks designed to apply.

Applications (existing / potential)

The existing small-scale experimental system is capable of a central heating pump is driven by its own electrical power generated and regulated. The maximum possible capacity of the heat exchangers were built, the next step in the extension of the system all built-in thermoelectric heat exchanger. This would allow not only the central heating furnace to separate the components of a photovoltaic system, but also act as a complement, winter, replacing the PV system. This is an ongoing process of low-energy houses can make a small-scale electricity production from renewable energy.

Technical feasibility of product deriving from R&D

In terms of technical solution is currently available for widespread dissemination, however, required a different price and quality of thermoelectric materials (thermoelectric modules) are the most appropriate price and performance. Given the masonry heaters are expected lifetime of several decades, the thermoelectric system so that the life you want to compile the heaters is similar. The otherwise expensive thermoelectric modules can only be exchanged for a cheaper and if you cut the physical stress from heat load and heat shock. We see that this is a simple electronic control possible. Currently, this development is still ongoing.

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About Dr. Béla Munkácsy, Péter Szalai

* university associate professor of Eötvös Loránd University Department of Environment and Landscape
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