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Association between an isothiocyanate and Levodopa in the treatment of Parkinson's disease

The invention consists in the association between the element Sulforafane (SUL), extracted from plants such as cauliflower and similar, with the drug Levodopa, moreover it consists in the evaluation of neuroprotective effect against L-Dopa neurotoxicity. It was assessed that this association showed ...

Isothiocyanates, Glucosinolates, Levodopa, Parkinson's disease, Neuroprotection, Combined therapy

Pharmaceutical composition and pharmaceutical kit for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma

The present invention provides pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of hepato-cellular carcinoma (HCC) comprising Notch3 inhibitors and chemotherapeutic agent, methods for the preparation of said composition and medical treatment comprising its administration in patients in need thereof. The...

Hepato-cellular carcinoma, Notch3, shRNA.

Protection System for Vertical Geothermal Probes

The invention is an innovative way to install the Probes in the ground: this becomes a valid support to designers, Probes installers and final users because it increases Vertical Geothermal Probes reliability, compared to the state of the art. Probes, in fact, are no longer being inserted directly i...

Geothermal energy, Vertical Geothermal Probes, Protection System, energy efficiency, convective motions.

Manual Circular Flight Computer with innovative design and features

The patented invention relates to an innovative design of circular flight computers, performing the same calculations of the traditional ones, but in an easier way, and allowing, at the same time, complex and improved calculations that are not performed by traditional similar instruments. Moreover, ...

Circular flight computer; aviation; flight calculation; wind triangle; Breguet Range Equation; aircraft lift coefficient.

Molecular Thermometer - Use of a coordination compound for the measurement of temperatures

The present invention provides a set of coordination for measuring temperatures and a connected device for performing such measurements which allow to overcome at least partially, the drawbacks of other existing methods. These thermometers are, at the same time, easy and economically feasible. The c...

Thermometer molecular, Nanotechnology, Metal Clusters, Copper, Luminescence, Life Time

Silica nanoparticles doped with multiple dyes featuring highly efficient energy transfer and tunable Stokes-shift

It has surprisingly been found that using certain silica nanoparticles disclosed in combination with a selection of dyes endowed with specific spectral characteristics, the problem of selfquenching is unexpectedly avoided or at least substantially reduced, and a large Stokes shift is obtained even u...

Fluorescent nanoparticles, luminescent nanoparticles, TANDEM DYES, FRET, phycoerythrin (PE), allophycocyanin (APC), cytometry, fluorocytometry, nanospheres, silica, luminescent, fluorescence, electrochemiluminescence, probe, biotin, avidin, streptavidin, core-shell, labelling, pegylated, IR cyanine dyes

Modified calcium silicate-containing adhesive systems

A bioactive/therapeutic bonding agent containing modified calcium-silicate cements may accomplish this aim by replacing water from resin-sparse regions of the hybrid layer with apatite crystallites that are small enough to occupy the extrafibrillar and intrafibrillar compartments of the collagen mat...

Calcium-silicate, Portland, mineral active substances, titanium oxide, bioactive filler

Intrinsic, direct detectors for ionizing radiations, and methods for producing such detectors

The present invention relates to organic semiconductors to be used as intrinsic, direct detectors for ionizing radiations, such as X and gamma rays, neutrons, and charged particles (alpha rays, electrons, positrons, and the like), and to a method for manufacturing such intrinsic, direct detectors fo...

Direct X-rays, alpha particles and neutron detectors, organic crystals, 4-hydroxycyanobenzene, radiation hardness, low cost.

A conceptual reference model for smart city planners (Smart CT model)

The model demystifies the complexities of smart city conceptions, through the lens of smart city planning, by: •assembling all conceptions and diverged policies and processes related to smart city planning into an inclusive and holistic smart city reference framework •identifying processes within th...

Smart cities, smart growth, smart planning, sustainable cities

A measurement tool for the for the analysis of regional innovation systems using the Integrated Innovation Interactions (3I) method

The 3I model matches the metric indicators with relative system interactions, constructing a systemic analytical framework of analysis. The metric system that was used to extract micro data is the European Innovation Survey. The analysis concluded ten interactions, which form a system with the corre...

Innovation management, policy analysis, regional innovation systems, metrics

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