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System for detailed video observation of Surface Microstructures – at Cosmetics and Dermatology

The video microscope allows monitoring of a given section directly on a TV monitor or PC display. The micro test, which can be performed with this device, is distinguished for its high resolution, and offers option to zoom on the object, which makes it very convenient for applications in the cosmeti...

- Electronics, Microelectronics - Apparatus Engineering - Medicine, Human Health - Diagnostics, Diagnosis - Electromedical and Medical Equipment

Technology for monitoring of places with difficult access

This product was developed for mobile purposes, in order to seek out deliberately hidden packages and objects under car-chassis, in niches, double bottoms, corners or other places with difficult access on land, water and aerial vehicles. The observation is carried out by means of a specialized hea...

- Audiovisual Equipment and Communication - Description Image/Video Computing - Recording Devices - Safety Assessment of Risk

System for underwater video surveillance

The company developed developed the system and succeeded to patent the product. The system can perform real time monitoring of sites under water /water taking facilities/, in cases of deliberate or accidental pollution of water basins with industrial waste, as well as observation of the internal con...

- Audiovisual Equipment and Communication - Description Image/Video Computing - Recording Devices - Safety Assessment of Risk

System for surveillance and recording of high temperature processes

The thermal video surveillance system can perform constant monitoring and recording on a special video controller. It was developed for applications in surveillance and recording of high temperature processes in the visible spectrum in furnaces, rock coolers, economizers, etc. The system is a multif...

Audiovisual Equipment and Communication Safety Assessment of Risk Fire Safety Technology Remote sensing technology

Innovative Video Surveillance Systems for Medicine – EEG Monitoring

The device for real time video surveillance and recording can register the reactions and the behaviour of patients and monitor the electroencefalogram (EEG) of the patient at the same time. It was developed in two variants with an extension called “picture inside the picture”. A specialised video ca...

Multimedia, Audiovisual Equipment and Communication, Medicine, Human Health, Care and Health Services

Innovative system for observation in emergency and rescue situations

The video-surveillance system with audio uplink can be used in controlling fires in places enveloped by the fire, or during major industrial break-downs, which can affect sites with complex architectural structure, during the recovery from a natural disaster, including earthquakes, collapses in mine...


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